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Exeter, NH






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By Chance or Appointment

Architectural Salvage removes a significant amount of lumber from salvage jobs. Below you'll find a representative sample. Please email or call to find out specifics.
Reclaimed Lumber
Stacks of Reclaimed Boards
Some of our Wide Board Hand-Planed Wainscotting
Salvaged Timber Beams
Hand Hewn Timbers. If looking for particular sizes, let us know.
Salvaged Floor Boards Wide Pine
Representative Photo - Attic Flooring
Antique Painted Floor Salvaged
Antique Painted Floor
Complete Floor (Front and Back) 143 wide x 158 long - 156.9 sq. ft.
Complete Floor - 123 wide x 167 long - 142.6 sq. ft.
Complete Floor - 82 wide x 146 long - 83 sq. ft.
Complete Floor - 150 wide x 190 long - 197 sq. ft.
Complete Floor 112 wide x 114 long - 88.6 sq. ft.